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The Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad announces the wrap to a five (5) month long investigation into a Prescription Forgery ring operating in Cherokee County for over a year.  Agents were alerted when prescriptions were passed in Cherokee County which were determined to be fraudulent.  The Investigation, which spanned across North Georgia, identified thirteen individuals charged with seventy four felonies.  Ultimately CMANS agents expert over 200 charges to be presented to a Cherokee Grand Jury.

One those arrested is a licensed Nurse Practitioner, who had access to documents and information which is believed to have facilitated the crimes.

Subjects Arrested: 13

  • Kathryn Shoemaker (Nurse Practitioner) -15 charges of Forgery 1st degree
  • Christopher Mason- 15 charges of Forgery 1st degree
  • Kimberly Morgan
  • Joel Hufstetler
  • Ramona Setser
  • Jerry Pressley
  • Courtney Chapman
  • Rachel Bramlett
  • Terry Phyfe
  • Regina Lawson
  • Dante Mason
  • Christopher Prince
  • Ronald Rigdon

Shoemaker is being investigated administratively by the Secretary of State and has had her license administratively revoked.

One individual was arrested on an unrelated warrant while agents were locating the targets of the investigation.  The man was identified as Jerry Morgan.

Based on their investigation, CMANS Agents estimate that about 8,000 pills reached the street level in Cherokee County.  Additional arrests are expected as the investigation continues.

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The Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad is a joint task force working in Cherokee County to investigate drug-related violations. Participating agencies include the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office, the Canton Police Department, the Woodstock Police Department, the Holly Springs Police Department, the Ball Ground Police Department, the Cherokee County Marshal’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office for the Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit, and the Georgia State Patrol. Citizens may call in tips anonymously to (770) 345-7920 or may speak to an agent by calling (678) 493-7625.